Hype (oam widget) in InDesign - InDesign textbox (visible/hidden)?

I have a embed AOM into the InDesign document.

Question: Its possible to make the Textboxes in InDesign (visible, hidden) from the Animation (Timeline from Hype). With Javascript?

The reason is:

  • embed AOM in Indesign included Text not working on ipad (epub 3 FXL)
    I have to integrate the textboxes in InDesign und have to make it visible/hidden.

I would be grateful for help


Are the textboxes an Indesign Element?

Can you provide an example file in Indesign that shows this and a Hype document? (I assume you exported an OAM file from Hype and inserted it into InDesign, correct?)

Since I don't have much experience with InDesign, more detail would be appreciated so we can understand what you're trying to do.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your answer.
This is my tutorial Link.
Its very difficult for me to explain that. Some Problem with Hype AOM and Adobe (frames).

Yes i inserted a exported Hype AOM File to InDesign.
A Hype AOM with included text is in Adobe InDesign not possible.

This is the reason, that a have to make the visibility of the InDesign text boxes
with Javascript. But i have not idea.