Hype LayoutKit (Layout Extension)

(Loves Hype) #1

This extension is for situations that require a dynamic approach to the rules of your responsive design setup. It allows you to go way beyond the setup you can create in the regular frontend. Hype LayoutHelper offers a callback you can us to feed Hype a specific layout based on your own rules and settings (including MediaQueries written in JS). It now also offers an option to set elements or your document fullscreen.



1.0 Initial release with simple example
1.1 Refactored name, added a "Singleton" check
1.2 Added fullScreen (Hype) and fullScreenElement (Hype, Window)

The Screen Orientation API
Customize the flexible layout using JavaScript
(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Also see @h_classen’s code that can be used in conjunction for this for a smart layout chooser.

(side note: have you thought of putting these on GitHub?)

(Loves Hype) #3

↑ look at project
I’ll look into Github. Got stuck on Subversion and then time passed so fast :wink: …I’ll refactor the code first to LayoutHelper as that can include more then only MediaQueries etc.

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↑ look at project
Version 1.2
Added fullScreen (Hype) and fullScreenElement (Hype, Window)

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #5

when triggering fullScreen(Hype) in your playground and then esc to switch back, the layout of the hypescene does not snap back … (65.0.3325.181 chrome Mac 64-Bit)

this may be a hypeissue or HypeLayoutKit-Usage-Issue

sunny day :slight_smile:

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Thanks will look into it. Also sitting in a cafe and enjoying German spring, finally. Probably just needs a relay out if necessary.

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finally: spring in germany :slight_smile: it took some time this year. my wife and daughter are actually in Berlin to run the halfmarathon. so you can cheer on tomorrow :wink:

(Loves Hype) #8

Should be fixed, please retest fullscreen on your setup.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #9