Hype javascript size: When full.min.js is used instead of thin.min.js

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I am curious why the javascript file almost doubled in size. This is a problem when creating banners especially when the host e.g. Adwords does not support third party.

Compared to a previous version you exported? Or compared to something else?

Adwords (in my last check) did allow you to use the official CDN: Tumult Hype Documentation

For Hype 4.0.1, HYPE-654.thin.min.js is 53.0 KB and HYPE-654.full.min.js is 90.6 KB. The "full" file is always used if the browser is detected to be IE 6-9, or if any of these document features are used:

  • Physics
  • Vector Shapes
  • Motion Paths
  • Audio
  • Page Turn Scene Transition
  • Swap Scene Transition
  • There is a On Drag > Control Element Position action in a scene with Flexible Layout

In Hype 3.x, Physics was the only condition that would trigger using the full runtime, but this list was expanded to keep the size for the thin runtime down. Regardless, the thin and full runtimes are both smaller in 4.0.1 (down from 55.6 KB for thin and 94.1 KB for full).

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Please elaborate on this? Not sure what your referring to with this exactly. Regards

I’ve edited to be more specific with “On Drag > Control Element Position” as in:

The reason this is in the full runtime is that it basically needs all the flexible layout code, but in reverse, to calculate the proper position while dragging. As this is a limited case and a lot of code, it made sense to not include for everyone.

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Thank you for the help and sorry for the late reply!

Are both .js script a must?
I am trying to minimize a package and these two files are on the hit list :frowning:

If you do not need IE6-9 Support, you can turn this off when exporting via the File > Advanced Export… panel. Then only the thin runtime will be exported unless the document uses any of the features mentioned in the above post.

If you use any of those features, then the full runtime will be exported without the thin runtime. This is the case for normal exports and advanced exports.