Export Directory | Only does .full.min.js

Question to the Hype team. How come when we export an Hype project as a directory we only get the *.full.min.js file on export and not the *.thin.min.js?

These full files are extremly large (97Kb).

Maybe this helps...

I will refrain myself in not using them or keep using Version 3.6, it worked there. /facepalm.

Thank you @MaxZieb.

Or animate in Motions Paths and before export convert them back to Top and Left values.

Still … it is a Silly Putty solution, Hype.

The HYPE-654.full.min.js from v4.0.1 is 90.6 KB. The HYPE-600.thin.min.js from v3.6.9 is 55.6 KB.

There are many axis of tradeoffs we make in a very focused effort to reduce file size, including room for new core features, code growth of old features, customer feature usage, CDN-ability, and even internal code legibility/complexity/compile factors.

In this case, the Motion Paths code had grown due to its connection with Vector Shapes. Ad-makers are the user group we have most concerned with size -- most ads do not use motion paths and also ads can often use CDNs for the runtime files that do not typically count against a weight that will reject your ad.

I understand it may be jarring to have a 35 kilobyte difference between an export on v3.6 vs. v4.0, but in any other case where there wasn't a switch to the full runtime (or using physics), the file size was reduced. We put in a lot of work to shrink both the thin and full runtimes in v4.0.

I can live with using Motion Path and before exporting convert back to Top&Left.

That conversion option is new to me… where do I find it? Meaning keeping the motion path positions as keyframes.

Hey @MaxZieb,

never expected to show you something in Hype. :slight_smile: Happy days.

By clicking on the Motion Path icon once more, it converts back to Top/Left positioning again.
See the unlisted Youtube video:

Thank you for the video… !

That toggle is familiar :wink: but doesn’t that lose all the position data the motion path actually provided. Except the start end endpoints of the tween? Meaning an eleborate S-Curve would be animated as a straight line afterwards … undermining the purpose of using a motion path in the first place.

I thought there might be an option to render the positional data from a motion path into keyframes.

Or am I missing something?

No you are right, that is indeed not the solution. I have broken the animation with that.

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So if have been using motion path without pulling and modifying the path breaking them apart like this should work fine. For elaborate motion paths actually using a tweaked path this does break the animation. This might be helpful as many surly use motion path without really “using” motion paths. Using the “traditional” two value approach gets you the smaller runtime then…

@jonathan could the Hype Team make a distinction on whether a Motion path is using SVG Path or animating an image on that Motion Path? I am asking so that on export, we who animate images on Motion Path’s, get the *.thin.min.js on export. Like it was in Version 3.6.?

Damn, I just rolled out 44 Banners with a Linear Motion Path. :man_facepalming:
Thank you @MaxZieb

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It isn't animating on a SVG path; it is that the old motion path code is used and was expanded by code to handle vector shapes. Thus it made sense to move this out, and reduce the thin runtime for a large number of uses/users.

What ad size limitations are you up against? Can you host the runtime on a CDN and have it not count against the weight you need?