Can I increase HYPE-754.full.min

Hello, is it possible to increase this file?

i've a Banner which is 263 kb, and the HYPE-754.full.min is 93 kb...more then 3rd of the total

grt marcel

I'm not sure what you mean by "increase" as it sounds like you want it to be smaller (decrease)?

There is a "thin" runtime which is smaller and will be used in cases where certain features are not present in your document. Please see this post that shows when:

If you don't use these features, and don't want the full runtime, then you can use the File > Advanced Export… feature and make/use an export slice that unchecks "Support Internet Explorer 6-9". Then it will not export with only the thin runtime.

sorry, is wasn't at work..

late reaction, I was looking for a smaller zip...but with advanced export its bigger
( no index.html but a restorable.plist of 65kb and a default.....js )

I want this file at a max of 200 kb...but maybe it isn't possible

You can just remove the restorable by hand or use:

Beware the Terminal command disables restorable on all future exports app wide.

Disabling the restorable file on a document basis is possible under advanced export:

PS: File sizes of ads are usually counted on a ZIP file as GZIP compression is mostly part of the web server deliver these days.