Hype is vector based software - right? Does this apply to exporting .oam as vectors to WordPress as well?

I am just wondering whether there is a option to export .oam vector animation to WordPress at all?

Or is the end result allways some kind of pixel animation with jagged outlines? None of the material seems to clearly say this.

After searching this aswer already for an hour I would like to know if this is even possible with Hype?

I already miss Flash:)

You can safely expect the same performance in Wordpress as you do exported as HTML5 on your computer.

No jaggies, no pixels, 100% vector (if you are using the vector, pencil, or shape tools). When you export a oam widget, you’re exporting the full CSS, JS, and HTML that would normally get in a HTML5 export but it is zipped up in a package that is easy to upload to Wordpress as a single file.

So install the plugin, upload the OAM exported from Hype, and give it a go: Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin … and of course let me know if you have any issues.

Thank You for Your fast and kind reply.

Using your plugin and Hype Pro Version 4.0.3 (664)

For some yet unknown reason .oam export either shows jagged pixel preview type on display or it don´t show anything at all. Animation is super simple. Just few vectors directly from Illustrator pdf and animated one line vector turned to symbol. Animation works fien in hype but does not import to WP.

Tried with both div and iframe. Tried to save document and export animation several times. Only first attempt showed anything.

Hmm that’s weird can you post a link?

Are you loading this as a SVG inside of Hype?

Tried also with native Illustrator .eps and resulting bezier-illustration works jus fine as html put in browser.

The problem seems to be in exporting .oam to WP / theme / some other reason.

Currently studying the theme related issues with theme team.

Let me get back later and report what we found.