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Hi. First: I am not a programmer and my english is not very well…:/. I have a problem with a Hype document (HTML5) in Kiosk Pro on my iPad. The HTML-file is like this: I have a menu with 3 films, wich are running. I can tap one one of these films and the film starts in a full screen mode. There is a button to go back to the menue. That all works fine…but after a few clicks, the menue is black, when it’s returning to it. It’s like a freeze. When I simulate this in a browser on my mac, there’s no problem. Only in iOS on the iPad with Kiosk Pro (or Documents or FileApp). I search for a solutions since days, but I can’t solve the problem…We start a new exhibition in our museum soon and I am under pressure…

Thanks for every hint!!!


Does this help article on their site help?


Is the iOS device upgraded to the latest version with the latest version of Kiosk Pro?

Does the problem occur in their demo here?

If you can send your document to me I’d be happy to see if there’s anything strange about your document that might be causing this. Could you send send me a personal message. (Click ‘private message’ here).

More Kiosk options can be found here.


If you’d like to email us at support@kioskproapp.com we can help troubleshooting the issue with you.


Yes, there are all the latest versions (iOS and Kiosk Pro). I will send you the project. Thanks a lot!


Hi Daniel. The file is to large…


Thank you. But I don’t think it’s a problem of Kiosk Pro, because the same bug happens with other programs like Documents or FileApp.


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When I go back to the menue with the navigation bar from Kiosk Pro (without “Go back to menue”-Button in Hype) it works fine!!!