Hype in hype (doubleclick dcm)

For an overview of the banners, which are live on the internet, I want to build a webpage for the control.

Is it possible to import a .zip in hype?

or is there a work-around, for now I'm exporting the hypes as .zip ( for double click ) and as .mp4 for a control website...

but I prefer to use the same .zip file, so I'm sure that the content is exact the same.

hope someone had the same workaround :wink:

Unfortunately there isn't any way to use zip ad files to populate elements/iframes in a Hype document. With computing anything is possible, but I think any workarounds would be excessively difficult.

I think you're better off unzipping and hosting the ads somewhere, and then in your .hype doucment using a Hype HTML Widget pointed to those URLs.

okay thanks, but how do you mean?

unzip = index.html + images +...

how can I import something like that in a hype doc?
otherwise I do an extra step, by converting them to a mp4 and put them on a site.

when I make a website with a jump-to-scene other page, the page doesn't start on the top...is there a selection preference somewhere?

and I need to make this website with a address bar...for now all the pages have the same url...example www.bike.nl but I like to have www.bike.nl/banners ..

I hope there are answers for this.. :wink:

In a simple case, you can drag unzipped items into Hype's Resources Library, and then reference a .html page as a Specified URL (via the Element Inspector) for a HTML Widget element with a value like ${resourcesFolderName}/index.html.

However there are some problems with this approach that from your use case it sounds like you will run into:

  • The Hype Resources Library is a flat list and cannot contain subfolders. Therefore if you had two unzipped ads both with an "index.html" they can't co-exist. Hype will automatically rename the files so you'd need to keep track of that.
  • More problematic is that if you have two assets referenced by your ad that are named the same but different, then Hype will also rename it (like 2x "bg.png" turning into "bg.png" and "bg-1.png"). In this case the ad itself will be referencing the wrong one.
  • Likewise if any of the ads use subfolders, then this will be lost as well.

Basically one ad would probably be okay, but multiple ones will definitely hit issues.

So without Hype allowing for subfolders in its resources library, my recommendation would be to pre-upload your ads to a webserver. Then you can just use the specified URL to point to this location.

(of course supporting folders would be a good feature for Hype to add to help solve this problem!)

Generally you'd add an On Scene Load handler to Run JavaScript with this code:

window.scrollTo(0, 0);

See threads like: Move to top of page when scene changes - #14 by monsieurjoko

A typical Hype export results in a single .html page. Therefore the typical way to have the URL show and immediately go to different scenes is via #anchor tags on the URL. Please see this article:

Alternatively, Hype Professional's File > Advanced Export… allows for exporting individual scenes as their own HTML files, but you would need to manually change "jump to scene" actions to "Go to URL" with the proper URLs.

There are also other ways to get clever with server-side URL rewriting and the web's history api, but this quite a bit more effort.

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Thanks a lot! :+1:

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