Hype Featured on the Mac App Store

So, I was looking to see if Reallusion dropped the price of CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pro, as it had increased in price recently. (It’s been as low as $79.99… http://appshopper.com/mac/graphics-design/crazytalk-animator-3-pro …so I don’t feel like paying $20 more for an app that I’m not sure if I’m really going to use.)

I probably wouldn’t even need CrazyTalk if Hype had bones / joints… https://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/character_animation_ik.html …like Flash has had since CS4.

Anyway, while I was at the Mac App Store, I checked the featured page. I was surprised to see Hype there. This is good and bad. It’s nice to see the app get attention, but hopefully this doesn’t dilute the Hype 4.0 launch. Although, if the Hype 4 launch isn’t going to launch soon, then that’s good. The recent updates should get more attention.


I saw this too - but thought I was getting a “just for you” type of presentation - great to know it wasn’t!