HYPE Expert Job - Project estimate for ongoing collaboration

Hi, we are a web-development agency looking to expand our expertise by working on HTML animations with clients. We need someone experienced and professional.

We’re currently looking at doing a project almost exactly like this: http://swseebericht.de/

If you’re interested, please review that Website in detail and carefully.

It has 3 Breakpoints with different behaviors.
We would deliver all necessary graphics, Content, Design, etc.

But basically it’s a very similar thing. And we need someone to build it for us.
This will be one of a few projects we want to do like this.

We need a rough estimate how much it would cost to build a project like this.
Of course, animations might run different, but altogether it’s going to be a vertical “animated infographic”.

We think this might be done best with the HYPE. What do you think? :slight_smile:

What I need for now is a rough estimated budget, if you would build something exactly like the site mentioned above.

Actual project details will be shared with the person we will work with.

I’d appreciate if you would send me your expertise, example projects, etc. to: jobs@mediacode.de (direct messages seem to not be possible here in the forum!?)

Thank you!

There’s a few folks available for hire you can directly contact here as well: Hiring Tumult Hype Freelancers

Thanks Daniel,

I must have missed that. I’ll contact developers there.

Thanks again,

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