Hype 3 and banner ad size restrictions

Has anyone found a viable workaround to including both the HYPE.full.min.js and thin.js files in reference to keeping total weight down when building and submitting animated banner ads? The extra 95kb of the full .js (assuming no physics are being used) is a real problem.

Is there a way to reliably call only the thin .js in this case and delete the full .js?

Any other suggestions for keeping Hype ad sizes down? I was using Adobe Edge Animate since transitioning from Flash, but have started with Hype as Adobe is no longer supporting Edge Animate.

Hype looks great so far, except for the larger exported output for ads…any suggestions appreciated!

If you’re not using Physics, the “Full” JavaScript can be deleted. If you are using Physics, the “Thin” JavaScript can be deleted.

If you’re not supporting older versions of Internet Explorer, or using features that require special workarounds, the PIE.htc and blank.gif files probably can be deleted too.

Although, this probably should be tested first. If you’re running an advertising campaign, you’ll probably want to verify that this works.

Basically, with “A Book About Hype”, I tediously removed the unnecessary JavaScript files from the interactive widgets. It worked and saved a lot of space.

I also recommend using the new Advanced Export in Hype 3.5. The allows for options to reduce size:

  • Unchecking ‘Support Internet Explorer 6-9’ will remove support for those browsers and also not export the full .js if no physics is involved. It will also lead to not exporting PIE.htc and blank.gif which will significantly reduce weight.
  • Unchecking ‘Create restorable document file’ will remove a file not needed for exports (but as the name implies, allows recovering a .hype document from the export)
  • Unchecking ‘Include text contents for search engines’ will reduce some strings we put in the .html to make sure it is picked up but not needed for ads.
  • Set a URL for ‘Use external runtime URL’ – you can host the Hype runtime files (HYPE-NNN.full.min.js, HYPE-NNN.thin.min.js, HYPE-NNN.waypoints.min.js) on a separate server/CDN of your choosing. Then they will not be included in the .zip file.
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Great tip! Advance Export appears to be the answer for getting the size down. Thanks Jonathan.

(I edited my above post with one more point about External Runtime URLs in Advanced Export)

Hi @jonathan
I am creating a banner ad at the moment and have been pulling my hair out trying to reduce file size and the “use external runtime URL” sounds like just the ticket. Is it possible/advisable to host this on my clients ftp?! Or does it need to be hosted on a Content Delivery Network? And if so how would I do that? Many apologies for my ignorance in these matters I’m more design orientated rather than technical so any advice would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance

For banner ads it worth mentioning that many ad networks either don’t allow CDNs or only allow specific “approved” CDN’s (the ad will be rejected for “4th Party Call” otherwise) - you might want to check your ad networks specs to see if CDN is an option.

Yes, this could be done (technically you may upload via FTP but it does need to be hosted via HTTP), but see @GlenSide’s note about how it probably needs to be under a CDN depending on your ad network.

Do note that this doesn’t really reduce the filesize, it just puts the count of it elsewhere. It is in my opinion quite silly that ad networks are counting via a zip/static size vs. what is actually downloaded.

This is unfortunately a bit of a complex topic and there are many different strategies that might or might not be advisable for your ad network. I would have a dialog with them, or if you have a technical contact perhaps start a thread with me on it and I’d be happy to chat with them and figure out what might be the best way to get Hype-built ads on their network!

Thanks @GlenSide I will see if a CDN is an option and cross my fingers that Cloudflare (free) is one of their approved ones.
And thank you for your insights too @jonathan and I will start another thread

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