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@jonathan: When you talk about Hype 3.5 ‘Advanced Export’, did you mean Hype PRO 3.5 ? I have Hype 3.5, but I don’t see any ‘Advanced Export’ option?

This post has been very helpful with regards to the ‘Thin’ vs ‘Full’ JS files and identifying what in the world the ‘’ file is and why it is needed. I have a question about two other files that are kind of expensive to file size…

  • XXXX-restorable.plist: 45k
  • [full flattened scene].jpg: 50k

I’m wondering if the Plist is necessary since it seems to be about restoring something?

I’m thinking that the ‘full flattened scene’ JPG ‘might’ have been from how the artwork content was imported into Hype? I don’t ever use that object in the Hype scene, so I’m thinking it can be deleted?

I appreciate the info. Thanks!

Hype doesn’t generate this file, so I’m not sure what it is. Does it appear in your resource library?

This is used to restore your document if you lose your .hype document.

Yup – this is a Professional feature. More info about it can be found here:

Thanks Daniel.

Full Flattened Scene
After looking into it some more I found that the ‘full flattened scene’ WAS something that the designer inserted to view the final composition intent. I was able to safely delete that then.

So can this file be safely deleted from the exported Resources folder then? That would be helpful since it’s 47k.

Advanced Export
I figured. I will need to look into that. Does Advanced Export automatically delete/exclude the ‘Restorable.plist’ file as well?


Yup – here are the options. More info can be found here about each of them.