How to Search Inside Multiple Files at Once?


I didn’t find how to perform a global search in all the javascript files of my projet ?
(Useful to know where a function is called)

Thanks for the help !

Well that is a multi files search. If you have them in your resources folder you can always just search on an export or right click your .hype-Document file and choose to inspect the package. Then you can do a regular search using your OS in the resources folder of the Package.

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Unfortunately there’s no built-in multi file/function search in Hype right now, but this is a good feature request for us.


Thank you both for your responses !
Do you have experience in using an external IDE editor with Hype ?

this one in front of others as @Daniel built a snippet extension supporting hypes API

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Thanks again ! I will try this !
A last one : how to connect my Hype files to Visual Studio ?

right-click js-files or functions within the resources folder and then choose edit in …

saving should refresh them within the project

Hype itself actually runs a Beta for Whisk a update for HyperEdit … you should test this too

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This so much powerful !!
Thank you again for the trick !