How to make RSVP form which integrate with google sheets?

Hello hype masters...
I want to make an online digital invitation with hype. I want to add RSVP feature which can integrate with google sheets, and users don't need to login email. Just fill the form and submit.

Like this one:

There aren't any built in tools for working with forms in Hype, but you could style your own and then use a setup like this to log the values of a form in Hype:

This is all just inside of a HTML Widget: (32.0 KB)

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How to customize it like font, size, color, button size and color?
If I need 4 fieldset how to integrate it with google spreadsheet?

You would need to write HTML + CSS, or ask for help (these are unfortunately not features Hype ships with).

Alternatively, you could create a Google Form and just embed that: Google Forms: Online Form Creator | Google Workspace

Ask for help?
Do you have an example the customize form?
Sorry I'am not a developer

When I use google form, user need to login google before. so I can't use that.

Some resources for styling forms:

If you're looking for someone to hire for help with a Tumult Hype project, here's a great place to start: Hiring Tumult Hype Freelancers

Since you're not a developer, you may want to do some searching for other form systems that don't require a google account: The 8 best online form builder apps | Zapier

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