How to fix top nav while body is scrollable? Really need help!

Hi! I am trying to create a basic interactive page with a top nav bar that is fixed to the top, and have a separate group function as scrollable page. Preferable without JS.

I have a few issues with trying this... When I try to make them 2 different groups, with top as fixed to top and bottom page as scrollable, I cannot scroll the page as the nav group appears to block interaction. When I 'hide' the nav group then I can scroll the page. Is there a way to make the nav group non-intractable so the page group is scrollable underneath? Really could use help! Thanks.

It might be useful to post a zip of your current document, so we can see your setup to advise best based on what your nav and content show.

My guess though is that you probably should look into "fixed" or "sticky" navigation. It just requires a little bit of CSS (non-JS) code to make a nav bar that can stay in place while the rest of the page is treated the same. There's also some JS code that can make it work a bit better.

Here are a few posts with some solutions, though you can probably find more searching through the forums: