How to edit the url of scenes?

Hi all

This is a very basic question but I can't see an existing post about it: I'd like each scene on my exported site to have its own url so someone could navigate directly to a page. By default there's just the global url of the website and this remains regardless of what scene I navigate to.

Could anyone help?

Thanks so much


Would a redirect work? :thinking:

On my site, which uses Wordpress, I use the “Redirection” plugin… …but if your server is using Apache, then you could just edit the .htaccess file to create the redirects manually — or even use mod rewrite if you're fancy.

As an example of a redirect, here's a quick link to one of my free Tumult Hype templates… …which makes the URL easier to share.

Is the main goal having sharable links or do you want the URL to change as the website visitor interacts with the Hype project? I'm not sure how the latter would be accomplished. :thinking:

File > Advanced Export has the ability to export separate scenes as individual .html pages. However you'll have to note that any "Jump to Scene" actions would need to be changed to "Go to URL" for this to properly work.

Instead, you may want to use the same .html page, but use anchor tags, like this:

Thanks a million Photics and Jonathan! I managed to get Jonathan's second option working first so I've gone with that:). Much appreciated.

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