How to duplicate content with Animation on all Layouts

I have an animation and the content on the main desktop layout.
B (141.1 KB)
As I try to duplicate it on iPad or iPhone layouts there are errors. I was trying to do by copying the Group, or make a Symbol or a Persistent Symbol.
Could you please, give an advice?
Thank you.

Can you elaborate on what the error is and steps to reproduce with your document?

Thank you.
I will try.
On the desktop version there are many timelines each one with some actions, for the elements of a group.
As I duplicate the group (using copy and paste from one layout to the other) some animations related to specific timelines are no more there.
As I try to duplicate as a Symbol, also, some elements and even actions - as trigger from timelines - are no more actives.

I would like to have a solution to create layouts from the main one without recreate manual the structure or animations again.

I have many screens and multiplying each one with other 3 versions…
I was guessing that should be a more professional way to replicate one structure from one layout to the other.

I guess that this post it is related to same issue: Copying a scene with animations and timelines from one doc to another


I know what is about, what that called error is.
As I have a group and I transform it into a Symbol or a Persistent Symbol, all the triggers from the main Timeline are gone inside of the Symbol (e.g. at sec. 5 start the Timeline x).
Is there a way to keep the triggers on main Timeline?
Thank you.

It sounds like the non-symbol case is probably this.

Any actions within a symbol should stick around.

Not presently, as there’s not really a good way to grok whether a timeline action should apply to the symbol or the scene. (I’ve thought about using selection, but that could often be inadequate as there might be actions on other timelines that still wouldn’t get moved).

Thank you.
I just put it again inside the symbol the triggers and it is ok.

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