Copying a scene with animations and timelines from one doc to another

I need to copy a scene from one doc to another, the scene has more than one timeline and I’m having a problem. is there an easy way of doing this?


What problem?

The scene from the first doc has multiple timelines, Hype will only let me copy from the main timeline.

A couple ways to do this:

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I’m having the same problem and the vid doesn’t solve it.

You can duplicate scenes, but for some reason I’m not sure about, it doesn’t copy over any of the timelines except the main timeline.

I can’t figure out a way to also get those timelines to copy over apart from:

  1. create another new timeline in the new scene
  2. copy the animation for each element in the old scene
  3. paste it onto the element in the new scene
  4. repeat with all elements and animations until your new timeline is a duplicate of the original timeline in the original scene

As you can imagine, this is laborious.

If the command is “Duplicate Scene” I can’t see a logical reason why it would refuse to duplicate all of that scene rather than only stuff from the Main Timeline.

Duplicate Scene definitely does copy over timelines (unless the without animations version is chosen, naturally). Can you send your document to with which scene you are attempting to duplicate? I’d like to try to reproduce this problem since it sounds like it may be a bug. Thanks!

hmmm… that’s strange. I can’t remember exactly which doc I was working on which made me think I couldn’t do this. (note to self: always attach file to forum post!)

Every file I’ve tried since has allowed me to duplicate timelines with no problem whatsoever. Most probably, this is just me being dim, but if I do come across a file where this doesn’t happen as expected, I’ll be sure to post it here.

If you do see it again, please let me know!