How to create a interactive photo carousel

(Lydia Lee) #1

I’m doing a hypeproject which there’s an interactive photo carousel in it. like this link

But I don’t know how to build it.
Is there anyone have some advice?~~
Thanks very much!

(ilkka_kumpunen) #2
  1. You need to use main timeline and also own timeline for each
  2. Put all pictures side by side in the document and group
  3. Then create animation for the group from left to right. Where its supposed to move in final work.
  4. Create an animation for a persons picture which grows and shrinks. Copy it and paste to every other persons picture in the group.
  5. The main timeline is triggerd by those < and > buttons. Action in
    the button is “continue timeline”.
  6. Center image scaling is done in separate timeline (point 4) and the triggers are situated as a timeline actions in main timeline. At the point when picture slides in right spot.

(Shong) #3

I like ilkka_kumpunen’s idea, but just can’t get it work, here is mineslide (948.6 KB)

It’s a traditional way to make a carousel, you can replace images with html widgets and wrap youtube video inside.
hope this helps!

About the Image slide swapper
(Markus Bjerre) #4

Hi @lydialmz and @oraocean ! I assume that they have used javascript to make the next button be clickable during the transition of the images. However, if you want to keep it simple I edited your version: (937.8 KB) . It might be a bit unstable if you have too many images since you have a duplication of every one, but I hope you find it useful anyway. Have a great day!