How to add sound bites on timeline

Sorry, but I’m no html5 expert. I just want to be able to drag sound effects onto the time-line like I would do in Flash, but I see this is not possible in Hype.

It requires html code for every instance of every sound effect on the timeline. (what a hassle). But anyway, I need to learn how to use this program.

I’ve tried following every instruction I could find on the net to get this accomplished, but nothing works.

From what I can see, it appears that every sound effect has to be activated by the user pushing a button somewhere in the animation. What if I just want to make a cartoon animation, and have the sound effects play at different parts of the animation, the same as I would do in Flash?

If this is a dumb question, let me know! On the other hand, if anyone has a completed animation which includes sound bites along the time-line, I’d love to examine your actual Hype file so that I can see how it’s put together. My address is TIA

It can be as simple as creating a timeline action and adding the soundfile(s) to it.

Can this be done in version 2.5 as well?

Yes – audio actions were added way back in 2013 in Version 2.0.

Ok, I succeeded in creating a timeline action and was able to place little sound bites at various points along the timeline to coincide with my animation. That works. I also used the On Scene Load javascript function to place a general background music soundtrack.

So all that works. Thank you. I noticed however that there seems to be no way to adjust the volumes of these items within Hype. In order to bring the background music soundtrack down, I had to edit it outside of Hype and then replace the track to the On Scene Load window.

The same would have to apply if I wanted to adjust the volume of the sound effects along the timeline… I’d have adjust them externally.

That’s fine… I can get through that. It’s cumbersome, but it’s workable at least. I was just wondering if there are any plans for volume controls within your program, or is this something you can do with Javascript?

Using the top right search function (sound volume) I got a lot of hits, this one might be helpful to what you’re looking for: Creating volume slider for Hype audio element

If not, search and who knows what you’ll find. :slight_smile:

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Yes, this information you’ve given me is to do with placing a volume slider into the animation so that it’s visible to the user.

I’m not concerned about having the user adjust the volume. I was just wondering if there’s a way to adjust the volume level of audio elements you bring into your animation, but I see that Hype simply doesn’t support that functionality at this point in time.

No biggie. It’s just a matter of making sure that your sound bites are set at the right volume before bringing them in to the animation. Thank you for your response.


Controlling sound via JavaScript is fairly straightforward - here is a quick tutorial:

Be aware that mobile devices (e.g. iOS - do not know about Android) do not allow JavaScript manipulation of sound; so You might be better off anyway with the direct editing of the source audio.

Thanks for your input.

Everybody seems to think that my goal is to add a volume fader which will allow the user to control the volume of the soundtrack in the video.

That’s not what I’m talking about. All I’m looking for is a way to adjust the volume of any audio file that I’ve added to the timeline. Let’s say for instance, I add a “blip” sound to a cartoon, and then decide it’s too loud relative to the rest of the cartoon. So I’ll want to adjust that. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do that within your program… yet.

Nevertheless, I’m sure that this is a function that you’ll probably add to later versions.

So for now, if a sound effect is too loud or too quiet, we just have to edit it outside of Hype.

Hi Tony!

Actually that was not the point of my post. What I was trying to show was You could change the volume in JavaScript - You the author of the script, not the viewer. It is not a fader, it is a volume setting. So if You felt the volume was too loud it is a snap to drop it down - just adjust the script, takes no time!

Set the volume to 80% of “native” (100%):

var sndLevel = hypeDocument.getElementById("myAudio");
sndLevel.volume = 0.8;

Note: You can not increase the volume over the 100% mark of the “native” volume.