How do you optimize images?

Ok I have been trying to optimize my my png./jpeg files to as small as possible.

I am starting off with Photoshop > Save for Web > Then optimized using Hype / Animate > finally ImageOptim ( to see if I can reduce any further… )

What is all your processes?, any tips you can share :)?

I have been going through banners online and I am finding some high quality png at around 1kb-15kb it crazy! ( example below)

In image optim go to the prefrences < quality tab
I must admit I overlooked this part a while ago and like you I was looking for a better compression thinking that photoshops compression is lousy and dated :slight_smile:


I think what your doing is fine but I would definitely take @petester 's advice and change the default settings. Most JPEG images (for the web) would be fine at 80%-90% compression, in my opinion, if they are for example, relatively small and not a main feature. As with most things though, play and test different settings to see the difference. Most degradation can generally be noticed when zooming in to the images too so it’s worth trying some high numbers for the compression.

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Yea… I will just keep using these options… but . I would love to know how Ad Agencies manage to get some of these files to 1kb lol…

by not using 2x images and compressing as much as possible?

Yup! I tried that… still no where near 1kb lol… hitting around 20 still

Ok, let me take a look at the file. Ill try to compress it the best I can.

Its also worth mentioning, sometimes the images can be bigger than they should be and while Hype just Imports images it doesn’t export the actual dimensions of the image sized down in hype. Whatever you bring into hype make sure that the dimension are within whatever size you have in Hype. Like for example If the image size is 400x400px and your working on a 300x250 ad for example, the image that you imported is bigger than it should be therefor size it accordingly and only then bring it to hype. Run ImageOptim to compress the images :wink:

I have had very good luck with

Read this its from ImageOptim website.

How does ImageOptim compare to TinyPNG, MozJPEG or Guetzli?

You can get the same or better compression if you enable Lossy minification option in in ImageOptim preferences.

Tools like ImageAlpha/pngquant/TinyPNG/JPEGMini/MozJPEG make files smaller by using lossy compres­sion which lowers image quality, which ImageOptim doesn’t do by default, but can if you allow it.

Can I keep embedded copyright, camera information?

Yes. Uncheck Strip JPEG metadata in Preferences.

It’s slow on PNG files. How can I make it faster?

In preferences uncheck PNGOUT and Zopfli. Without these tools optimiza­tion will run much quicker, but will be a bit less effective.

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visually I have not been able to see any difference, and the files seem to be 15-20% smaller than imageoptimizer, your mileage may vary.

I use TinyPNG / TinyJPG. It’s great, it works well with batching and, while it is a paid plugin, I get a ton of mileage out of it. (I’ve processed some 15,000 images with it and the results have been great.)

I use ImageOptim and ImageAlpha when I’m working in my computer.
If I’m in another computer I use TinyPNG.

I want to remember that the good tool for compressing not was Photoshop, but yes Fireworks.
We lost a lot when Adobe bought Macromedia.

ImageAlpha is a good tool, especially for photographic (non flat colour) PNGs with a transparent background

I will be doing some tests soon for our next campaign so I will book mark this thread and share some results… interested to see if we can find the best solution

We use Kraken ( with great success. They have paid plans and a free web version. Lots of options for importing files. And… it’s a great name… “Release the Kraken!”

Looks great, I will give free version ago and see how it goes :slight_smile: thanks so much

Just an update! After lots of trial and error it seems using PS to crop the image as small as possible > Export as > Smaller img >

This has got me to get images down very very small without losing too much quality!

Thanks all :slight_smile:

I use the TinyPngTinyJPG plug-in. I also have two folders setup on my desktop for this and I have created Actions in Photoshop to process the images (one action for JPG and another for PNG). I drag-copy all the originals into the Source folder, then fire up Photoshop and run the desired JPG or PNG action. The actions are set to go to the Source folder, grab all the contents, process them, send the optimized images to the Optimized folder, and close each image as it is processed.

It is drop-dead easy. I’ve processed over 15,000 images this way and all it takes is a couple of mouse clicks.

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Is this a ps plug? Is this what you were referring to?

That’s the one.

A while back I was batching around fifty or so photos and stepped away from my desk. Photos were automatically opening and closing in PS in quick succession. A Windows fanatic coworker saw this, ran over to me and said that my Mac was going apes**t. He asked me if it was a virus.

I said not to worry; that I’d asked my machine to choose a photo it thinks I might like for the new ad and my Mac tended to be really picky.