How do i make a timeline slider for my video

Hi Guys,
Im new to Tumult Hype as i just started using this software just a week ago. Im trying to create a draggle timeline slider that can control the timeline of my video, went through few of the forum discussion on this site but i still couldn’t figure out how to do it. Can anyone guide me through this?


Hi Lay - Welcome to the Forum!

Were You thinking of a timeline slider for your video similar to the screen shot below?


Hi Jim,

Yes! Is something like this, but i don’t want to use the default slider that comes with the video, i kinda want to have a customise slider for my site.

You might find this thread - by @MarkHunte - of interest:

I’ve tried going through this thread but i would like something simpler as this is a bit complicated.

i would like it to be as simple as this.


no matter which UI different from the default you like, you’ve got to script it yourself.
no less, no more …

play, pause, stop (equals pause and timeresetting) should be easy to implement. progress is a bit advanced … there are a lot of examples in the forum …
some overview:

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@jonathan posted a simple example that I really like.

But as @h_classen says you will need to do some coding and there are plenty of examples on the forum. Not all of the methods may be directly related to video. There initial intent will be just a behaviour or feed back for some other use. I.e timeline duration/ remaining

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Thanks! @MarkHunte i got it to work by following the thread you sent!