How can I disable autosave in Hype?

I do not want to work with autosave. When I want to revert my document, I am redirect to choose a version I want to restore. The only version I want to restore is the last saved one. If I close a document without saving I am expecting to have a dialog asking me to save (or not save) unsaved changes.

I want to have the option to open a document, make a big mess in it, test stuff, without having to save it.

Here’s how to disable it system wide, and you can also change this on a per-app basis.

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Stop me if im wrong, Sketch is also using the mac document model, but you still have in the preferences, the autosave checkbox. This is a huge fail in Hype. I lost a lot of work with this behavior. I often open document to test stuff around and close them. Browsing through the versions to restore the work isn’t a good option for me…

It’s nice that Sketch gives that option, yes, but their software is notorious for generating vast amounts of hidden data based on the way their files were structured, users got mad, and they had to do something. Your claim that adopting the standard file saving behavior in Mac OS introduced in 2011 as a ‘huge fail in Hype’ is a tad harsh, no?

Personally my workflow if I want to retain a checkpoint of a file is by using File > Duplicate. Not having to think about saving is comforting – I have both versions on my computer and on Time Machine. I can also automatically ‘version’ a file by hitting ⌘ + S (to explicitly save).

I’m not saying what you’re asking for is wrong, but if you submit your frustration as feature requests that is preferable. For now I suggest turning off the systemwide setting.

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You helped me a lot. Maybe saying it’s a “huge fail” was a bit too dramatic and related to my own story … I am not a big fan of autosave for software like this. I want to be in control at any given moment. I will have to get used to this since this behavior will be the next standard.

I hear you! The feature came out after Hype had been around, and I was very skeptical myself. I turned it on as an experiment when we were adding other 10.7 features and found that the Versions/Revert To aspect save me quite a bit. I think it is probably a better choice for most users; it is a shame that many years Apple hasn’t resolved all the shortcomings and it still a crapshoot as to which save method an app will be using.

I think it’s a matter of simplicity. When I want to revert a file, it means that I engage in my file changes that I don’t want anymore and I want to revert. In photoshop it’s even better cause the revert could be “reverted” in history.

I’ll give you another user case more related to sketch. While working in product design, sometimes I am asked to generate a screen quickly with a different content, or without a specific feature. I open my sketch file, do my change, generate the design and leave without saving. All this in less than a minute. Autosave doesn’t allow me to do so. Sometime, I need to generate a specific asset, and I need to flatten some layers, it’s the same story, a quick action that I don’t want to save.

In those cases, duplicate the file is very annoying, I don’t need to do that. As a pro, working on design softwares for years, I took the habit to hit cmd+S from time to time, and I never lost my work because of that.

In general, I find the autosave File > Revert To menu vastly superior. It offers options to revert to the last saved version (when you hit command-s), the last opened version, and any other versions that are checkpoints. Checkpoints are always created when when hitting command-s.

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Well, time machine kinda resolves for me the trouble to go back to certain project state.

Also, you could simply cmd+d a hype file and work with the new duplicate, I don’t see how turning on or off autosave stop you with working with different versions.