Hide items outside the scene

In prior versions of Hype, if I had a scene defined as 600x400 (or whatever size) and an element was outside the scene, I would be hidden. The options was something like “Hide off screen Items”

However, since updating to Hype 3 Pro (very nice, BTW), I cannot discover this option.

Where would this be?

Items (elements) that you drag off of the viewing area in Hype are hidden when you view it in your browser window. You can also hide items using the “Make Invisible” menu selection from the “Arrange” menu.

That is what I thought, but they definitely are not. I am using different layouts based on screen size, fit that has anything to do with it.

When you do an export of the Hype document — to include at the auto generated HTML file — and run that HTML file in a web browser, elements outside the scene are not visible.

No, this is not the case:


The words Personal, Commercial, TCI Cares are clearly starting OFFSCREEN, but are clearly visible in this link.

It seems that the screens view has the two screens side by side, and that the words are not visible in the computer view, but because that portion “off on the right” is in the PHONE layout, it appears.

Hmmm, it looks like it might be a bug. When I check the boxes for scaling (100%) the offscreen object does appear in the browser window.

scaling.hype.zip (9.1 KB)

Aha… with the scene set to scale width/height — yes that is true!

I find that behaviour useful actually.

You could for instance do a smartphone layout, eg. 320px wide. Add an image with a transparent background, center the image — and more parts of the image will be visible when the scene is wider than 320 px.

I have used it myself. In my case it is a blurred, fading shadow of an object that gets more revealed at a larger width. Looks very cool. Sorry didn’t think of that when I replied…

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so I resolve this by unsetting scale for the scene?

Okay, but I agree, it seems like a bug. I agree with Thomas there are some interesting applications for the bug, but once they fix it, it goes away.

My general expectation is that things off screen are invisible.

I would prefer that something like ‘overflow:hidden’ or ‘overflow:visible’ for the Hype document made a difference in this case.

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