Elements off scene appearing on scene when scaling

Sorry to get back to this old topic but 2 years later, in version 3.5.5 PRO, I am still facing the same issue.
When scaling scene, outside objects are visible.
Any solution to this now ?

Can you share your document or a minimal example that exhibits this?

Yep - there you go.

I understand that if I give up on scaling (both width and height 100%), the red square is invisible outside the scene. But I need scaling and I need to avoid the square from being seen outside the scene.

Not seeing a red square, but I am seeing the nyan bullet.

oups - true : wrong file - sorry :sweat_smile:
there you go
fbatest.zip (382.3 KB)

To fix this, adjust the group bounds (which you have flexible layout settings applied to) so that it has the same dimensions of the scene. Currently, it extends beyond the scene bounds:

Thanks Daniel - I was not aware I could directly change the group bounds like this.

  • I have set overflow to “hidden” for the group and that does the trick.
    Solved. Cool :+1:
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