Hide Apple Menu in a Hype project (for all devices)


I put online a web site programmed entirely with Hype. It is fine BUT if the mouse reach the window top, the Apple Menu appears. Is there a way to bypass this issue; maybe with Javascript or other ?
The site is. L'Univers de Christian Page

Thanks for your suggestions



Can you clarify what you mean by this?

I want my web page to be like an stand alone application. In many app, one doest not see the Apple Menu and must quit to return to the Finder. I just want that my webpage does not look as a regular web page that is no Apple Menu on top of the window.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions helping me solve this issue

Maybe “Wrapping” is what you're looking for… https://forums.tumult.com/t/wrapping-export-hype-html-to-an-app/10924 …as it turns a Hype project into an App (macOS / iOS).

That is a bit technical though, as you'll need Xcode.

What are you trying to build?

The menubar (including the "apple menu" in the upper right hand corner) is a common feature of all applications. Perhaps you just want a way to go fullscreen?

That said, even in fullscreen mode on macOS you'll still be able to summon the menubar when the mouse is dragged to the top.

Thanks. I will try to implement this and give you feedback.

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