Hi All - I'd really like to use Hype for Banner Ads, but is it practical?

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As the subject says, I’d really like to use Hype for some banner ads. It looks like Google Adsense won’t work out. (Google Web Designer vs. Hype! I think we know who the clear winners is!)

Anyway, I see I can use DoubleClick, but the documentation is confusing and I’m not sure it would be ideal for a single ad. I’m looking for alternatives, but I’m coming up short. I’m not tied into using Google, but does anyone have any experience in actually getting Hype Banner Ads anywhere?


I’m having the same issue. I made a nice 300x250 banner ad, but the javascript alone is over the KB limit set by our server (a media-buying company going through Atlas). Also, the file structure that Hype imports does not match what Atlas will accept (they don’t allow additional folders inside the zipped folder you submit).

For what it’s worth, Google Web Designer has similar issues.

I hope someone from Tumult or from an actual ad server will see and comment on this question.

I'd also like to hear of other ad networks compatible with Hype. There's only so much that comes through our communication channels, but I know of many other banners created in Hype that I've helped fix issues in.

Can you share what the limits are?

You don't need to upload a folder to run the Hype document -- that is mainly to keep resources and the HTML file used to load the file separate. If you break out all the files from the XXX.hyperesources folder, then you will just need to change the code used to load that document. So instead of:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="XXX.hyperesources/XXX_hype_generated_script.js?90343"></script>

You could use the following to load your generates JS file::

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="XXX_hype_generated_script.js?90343"></script>

Let me know if you have any issues with this.

The size limit that was given to me was 40KB. That specification was given by the media company; it did not come directly from Atlas. The part about not allowing folders within folders came from Atlas though. Thanks for supplying a workaround, I thought it would be much more involved.

Additionally, it turned out to be not too difficult to copy all the Hype-generated javascript right into script tags in the index.html file and package that in a folder with the png and jpg assets, making it acceptable for the media server.

It might be nice to have the option to simply export banner ads as a single file in this manner.

David, I know some ad serving platforms allow up to 150K for a standard html5 banner. If you haven’t already, try confirming with them the size limit they provided is for html5 files and not Flash.

Returning to this a couple of months later.

I’m happy to say that Atlas got rid of the “no subfolders” requirement, so now you can submit banners to them just as Hype exports them, saving the tedium of changing a bunch of paths in the files. I asked them to consider hosting the Hype libraries (as well as the tween.js libraries that Adobe uses) and they seemed to think it was a good idea.

Sizmek, another big ad serving platform, has really good docs for Hype specifically. Also, they do have the Hype 2.5 basic libraries on their server, so you can just link to those, which cuts the size of your files and probably provides a performance boost.

No experience with DoubleClick yet.

When the requirement for a banner is 40KB, we usually just make a GIF. I mean, it’s ridiculous.
Have you talked with them about hosting Javascript files externally? They should realise that it’s impossible not using any Javascripts for banner production. Flash had all code already installed in their plugin.

Have thought about doing banners with CSS animation only, but the production time makes it too time consuming and takes away from creativity, being forced to go back to HTML coding.

Working with Adform, they have the file size limit on the uncompressed folder. External Javascript libraries are not included, so you could host the HYPE-xxx.thin.min.js file externally.

A feature I would have loved is an option to use externally hosted javascript files on export, inside of Hype. Adobe Edge Animate has it. See pic. It’s possible Adobe got more resources to provide CDN…

I use Google Designer as the made it madatory. Now they won’t keep this up for ever and I prefer Hype. So I suggest Tumult gets their software somehow certified with google to support Double Click and Adwords. Also they would need these targets in the export dialog. In a recent campaign I got Hype certified and through technical at the media and ad distributor Plista (germany). They now accept Hype. One down … Hope the market will allow diversity and the post flash area won’t result in every major ad network making their own editor mandatory.

DoubleClick, Adsense and Adform Support would be a major step for hype!

Same problem for me. I work on a campaign hosted by DoubleClick via Havas Media. The weight limit is 150Ko. On the first banner, Hype generate three .js documents :
HYPE-466.full.min.js > 93Ko
HYPE-466.thin.min.js > 54 Ko
BannerName_hype_generated_script.js > 13Ko

Havas send me an exemple of a simple banner with only one javascript :
BannerName.min.js > 35ko

Is it possible to export a light version with only one .js ?


Edit : I found the explanations of Jonathan > here

Thanks Max!

We’re open to working with any ad networks to make sure they can support Hype’s exports. If there’s any pushback, please feel free to send them our technical contact info (our send us theirs) and we can open a dialog and see what can be done. We’ve also been making changing in Hype that should make it easier to produce ads.

ADTECH asked me to collect the the “XXX_hype_generated_script.js?90343” in the main index.html file in a script tag to make it available. Davidhoden’s statement in this thread tell us, that this is not a problem. Yet trying – in my case - to simply copy the “XXX_hype_generated_script.js?90343” into a scripttag as such in the samme ID in the HTML only produce a blank page.

Can you or anyone descibe which string in the imported hype generated js-file to be altered?

Kind Regards, Raaskot

U P D A T E – nov. 17th:
My question has been solved in this thread

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I have this problem now. How did you copy all the Hype-generated javascript right into script tags in the index.html file and package that in a folder with the png and jpg assets?

Thanks in advance.

have a look at
and the exportscripts

hypepro only …