Hey everyone, I’m new here

Hi, I’m Norm. I’m a software developer, I develop apps for the Mac, I’ve recently invested in a copy of Hype Pro, I’ve always admired the app from afar but it’s nice to finally be in a position to explore And learn Hype in greater detail.

One of the apps I develop is a web design tool for the Mac, My aim over the coming months is to support content created with Hype in a really streamlined intuitive, and if possible seamless way.

At the moment I’m just doodling with Hype, and wanted get some advice from the pros, I’m wondering if there is a recommended workflow for creating responsive Hype content?

By responsive I mean truly fluid so it’s 100% fit to parent container and will scale down with browser frame.

I’m also hoping to touch base with the Hype developers, I’d love to explore the idea of my app having a close integration with Hype.

Anyway it’s good to be here, so far Hype seems like a crazy powerful app✌️


@Norm welcome!


It’s basically a combination of breakpoints and elements that are flexible.

If your app imports a Hype project, wouldn’t it be up to the designer to make sure it’s responsive?

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Sure, I’m just looking for best practices so I can include those in some basic guideline docs.

Flexible layout is what I was looking for. Thanks for the help.


Hey Norm, and welcome!

Since we give users a lot of freedom when it comes to responsive or flexible content, I can imagine that a Hype Template with some prebuilt elements + a predictable responsive format would be a great thing to build so that Hype embeds comfortably in Blocs. Glad you’re enjoying Hype so far!

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I missed out on your sale (rather my treasure trove was empty once I crawled ashore on black Blocs friday island), so I can’t integrate stuff directly but if you need any help or need suggestions / beta testing let me know. Happy to be of assistance and can maybe contribute something (but I am only a user)…

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Best practices are of course a bit dependent on content, but in seeing a lot of documents I can say that most users opt for the easiest (and most Flash-like!) route of adding items to a top-level group and setting that to scale proportionately and use Zoom Contents to scale everything inside (css transform:scale() under the hood). The main downside to how Flexible Layout is implemented is that users have to do this for every scene in Hype. There is some older code that does the equivalent for the entire document and can be added to the HTML head:

I’m not sure all you’re planning, but this could be injected at export time by Hype or when going into Blocs.