Help creating a scratch card simulation

Hello friends,

I want to make a simple scratch card consisting of two layers.

This first layer background that appears after scraping the first layer.

After scraping the card will pop up a window with a Redirect

Very important to me, if it can, of course … the effect will scratch card amazing.

Does anyone here can help me if it …? I am also willing to pay for it.

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Hi Eden

Is this what you mean? It can be adapted to have 9 cards or as many as you want different shapes and different actions.


(: Yeah that’s what I’m looking for … Its come wite the possibility of redirect…?

Do you have files for work with hype …?

Let me understand what you have … and how we can move forward …(:

Hey, you’re here …?

Websanova has a jQuery that will help you do this

I thank you for your help (:

How do I integrate this program hype …?

The truth that I use new software and I’m looking for something that is already ready, just to change the images and link

Can you help me with this …? Or do you know someone who could help me with this?

To make templates work for me

Please help me … ):

In this post from @Luckyde he gives an example of an scratch-page for iPad. Maybe he can help you with this?

Oh yeah sure Eden , you can just have my source code instead!
I implemented into hype, so if you want to mess around with the original scratchcard.js spend the 8 bucks there and swap it out with my file :slight_smile: I took out the flash player fall back on my version. (338.1 KB)

You’ll see 2 scenes on there, on the first the container, the image to be scratched out and the image underneath it.
The gray container is a placeholder you need for placing, if you move it around the sratch moves around on purpose.

But again this is basic, if you want it more complicated you’ll need to dig into code. That library’s great though, and in my JS ive sepearted out the stuff i want to change(percent before going to next scene, thickness of brush)

Sorry its not the cleanest file on the planet but should be a starter :stuck_out_tongue: and save you a couple of hours. But you do need some JS knowledge to get it working, if you want specifics like how to do multiple scratchers you’ll need to manipulate code or get your javascript dev to work on this, scratch isn’t a hype feature :wink:


Thank you my friend,
You made my day! (-:
This is exactly what I was looking for … I will play with the code and it will fit my needs.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Hey buddy, it does not work):

After a while I work to reach my perfect product … I gets to the point I need to export the file to Html5 and I went to the library to open the file … it opens up a gray page with no possibility to scratching. ): It is important to note before I export the file I press play and it works great !!!
Let me scratch my ticket and everything looks perfect. Only after I export the file appears in the issue.

By the way did you do exactly the same step without changing the file.
The test would with the original file sent me without changing it.
You can download the file and do the test.

What should I do …?

It requires a server to have it work, it doesnt work off local(i find a lot of jquery stuff’s like that, i dont know why that plug in is), upload it to your site and test it or run mamp locally and see if that works :smile:

Really …? Ok I upload it to the server for testing :slight_smile:

I hope you’re right!

Rather I want to believe that problem. :slight_smile:

Ugh … it feels bad. ): It does not work !!!

I am attaching you the link

And that your file is not touched have not changed! How you sent me … I did exported file I uploaded to the server.

What do you suggest …?

It looks like you’ve got 2 under jpgs one of which is missing. Could you upload the hype file please?

This is the same file that you upload here. (:

That’s strange … I can not understand …? How does it work with (Hype) View
But after I export it would not.

What am I doing wrong …? (365.7 KB)

I opened the file you sent … I went to export it to Html5

And that’s it.

Oh I know why

When i publish ads i need to rename the export to index, so the folder becomes index.hyperesources where as yours becomes ScratchCard-3.hyperesources so the 2 links will break… i made a new change (343.8 KB)
Try this, try any name when exporting it

For me it is not working … :frowning:

I tried to keep it as well as index and it is not working.