Has anyone created a WHEEL CHART in Hype?

Hi all,

Has anyone created an interactive WHEEL CHART in Hype? Looking to create an online version of something similar to what can be seen at https://www.whitneywoods.com/products/wheel-charts/


Isn’t that just doable with two Images? One image as the fixed background and a vector or png with a transparent cutout. That can be spun on top?

Only thing to keep on mind is that the control timeline function (on drag) needs a horizontal or vertical setting.

Hi @MaxZieb, thank you for your replies. I have been trying what you suggested and I think I get what you mean. I have managed to get a crude demo working without any real content, so I know how to design it now.

Do you know if there is a way to limit the (on drag) to 90° increments? For example, if there were 4 main topics shown on the wheel, when dragging left or right, it would be nice if there were 4 ‘snaps’ to accentuate when landing on a topic.

The snaps can be done by using pause actions on which ever timeline is controling the spin/drag

May be helpful too …


So I have been playing around with this Wheel Chart idea a bit more. Is there anything that I am missing?

Wheel Chart.hype.zip (50.7 KB)

Hi Craig,
Just came across this thread. Not sure if you’re done with your project but if not, I have something I was experimenting with for a microKORG UI, and looking at your last uploaded document, this might provide some ideas. Hope it helps.
ProgramSelector-UI.hype.zip (2.2 MB)


Hi Miguel,
That is awesome. Will definitely give me some more inspiration and help. It is really appreciated. Thank you very much for sharing.
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