Exact drag for circular timeline

just needed this … i thought this might be helpful for someone else too :slight_smile:
circleDrag.hype.zip (14.8 KB)

have a best week :slight_smile: … rain in western germany :frowning:


Very nice.

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Ditto! Very cool - Thank You @h_classen

It actually works with continueAfterDrag. Nice! Although the timeline index doesn’t need a “border-bounce” when it overshoots in a circle. Shifting the bounds back into the duration would be much nice in that case. I’ll tweak continueAfterDrag soon.

hypeDocument.continueAfterDrag (event['hypeGesturePhase'],{timelineName: 'circle'});


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With continueAfterDrag version 1.2 there is a new borderMode called shift. It works really great with your circular drag! I used it as follows:
hypeDocument.continueAfterDrag (event['hypeGesturePhase'],{timelineName: 'circle', maxVelocity: 0.2, borderMode:'shift',});


Great :smile: can’ t Test it this Week as i’m on the road … But one could even built a simple game around this :smile:

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Such as a roulette wheel - with a slightly counter-rotating numbered wheel (with alternating colors :red_square: :green_square: under the numbers) compared to the direction of the “ball” drag to keep things interesting… bet the exact number, even ~ odd, or the color.


Hei Hans-Gerd, this is great! But how can I get it working correctly while having variable stage sizes (keyword scaleWrapper…)

hm … please try:circleDrag_responsive.hype.zip (16.3 KB)


Thanks Hans-Gerd, will check it later, since I´m very busy at the moment…

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Couple of months later... :grinning: Your circleDrag works great, even with variable stage sizes. Just - I don´t get it to work with two layouts. In my example only the mobile version works. It seems that the two draggers affect each other. If I remove the dragger (group 'drag') in the mobile Version, the desktop version works.

dragger_eu.zip (212.1 KB)

Leaving this one to @MarkHunte

My Hint: You could reuse one symbol and not need the complicated switch. Why are you putting the entire design in symbols?

Another Hint: Don't use globals… rather stay in hypeDocument

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Hmm. That took some digging.

The issue is two things.

One, the criclePath elements in the Symbols are using the same ID.

Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 11.11.24

Two, never use an elements ID directly in the code to access that element.

i.e if the id is "foo"

do not do this:


do this:

var theFoo = getElementById('foo')

You need to change the IDs to class names and use them.

Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 11.11.43

You can then get the correct elemet for the symbol
var circlePath = dpa_grafik_1.element().querySelector('.circlePath')


    if(event['hypeGesturePhase'] === hypeDocument.kHypeGesturePhaseStart)element.style.backgroundColor = '#2699D6';
    if(event['hypeGesturePhase'] === hypeDocument.kHypeGesturePhaseEnd)element.style.backgroundColor = '#FCBC00';

    var duration = dpa_grafik_1.durationForTimelineNamed('circle'),
    p = element.parentNode,
    pX = p.getBoundingClientRect().left,
    pY = p.getBoundingClientRect().top
    var dragPoint = {
    x: event['hypeGestureXPosition'],
    y: event['hypeGestureYPosition']

    var circlePath = dpa_grafik_1.element().querySelector('.circlePath')

    var midPoint = {
    	x: pX + (circlePath.getBoundingClientRect().left - pX) + circlePath.getBoundingClientRect().width/2,
    	y: pY + (circlePath.getBoundingClientRect().top - pY) + circlePath.getBoundingClientRect().height/2

    var angleDeg = Math.atan2(midPoint.y - dragPoint.y, midPoint.x - dragPoint.x) * 180 / Math.PI;


    if(angleDeg < 0)angleDeg = 360 + angleDeg;

    if (angleDeg > 9.9 && angleDeg < 164){

    	dpa_grafik_1.goToTimeInTimelineNamed((angleDeg * duration)/360, 'circle');

Damn - I knew, it must have been an ID issue. It´s always an ID issue with the layouts... :grinning: Just didn´t notice that in the script... Thanks for pointing out that for me.

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Works like a charme now... http://dpa-webgrafik.s3.amazonaws.com/webgrafik/items/wg_index/index_rat_eu_de.html


Great usecase, glad that it works :smiley: couldn't step in because i'm on Holiday :smiley: ... But AS always: best support here​:+1::smiley: