Google DoubleClick Ad Tips


I work on display ads daily and we produce a lot that head to the Google DoubleClick network so I’m constantly on top of the network specifications.

Using Hype ‘DoubleClick Studio’ export using the id=bg-exit structure & code is ONLY for the Rich Media network ( ads using video & multiple click areas with complicated interactions ) you can access through using Google Studio. Your client will need to have booked this media space as a rich media ad space.

For the standard Display Network & AdWords ( ads using only images for HTML animations ) you should use the ‘DoubleClick DCM’ export option and only have one click url using the Export Script Arguments panel in Hype.

The preview links are nice to have on Studio, but you can produce a set of links to send for client sign off using either of the validators below:

HTML5 display ad validation ( AdWords )

HTML5 display ad validation ( Standard DoubleClick Display Network via DCM )

DoubleClick is difficult to keep track of as Google’s documentation is fragmented & confusing - they’ve also just rebranded and renamed networks so that also doesnt help.

Current specifications for the Google Display Network are here :

I usually build for regular Display Network and export as DCM this works everywhere - unless we use video in the ads ( check that client has booked Rich Media ) then export as Studio.

Edit: Jonathan the last time I exported as Studio it got refused by Standard Display network - they do not use the bg-exit method, just the regular IAB ‘clickTag’ you get from exporting as DCM so you have it the wrong way round :- always export to DCM it works everywhere on the DoubleClick network.

Hype can export to AdWords as well this is the same code structure as DCM export but it has no clickTag link that is set when you upload the ad into the AdWords interface.

My advice? Always export as DCM unless otherwise specified, but ask your client exactly what ad space they have booked on DoubleClick if you can - as if they have used video in the ad but booked Standard Display Network it will be refused & you will have to rebuild the ads using images in place of the video. Happened to me the day of the deadline, that was fun =]

Hope that info can help anyone.


Thank you for sharing this great knowledge!