Google Adwords (Google Ads) Best Practices



Did you double click and install the adwords package from:

You should see it in the HTML5 section and also in the Advanced Export option as a dropdown.

This is a Tumult Hype Pro feature, so if you are on Tumult Hype Standard you won’t see it.

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Thanks for the quick reply Daniel. I am a standard user so that explains it.


Iam lost here. Trying to upload a file to Adwords validator, using the new Adwords script and I keep getting the zip file error. (91.0 KB)

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Is it the font?

I have all green at the Double Click validator…


So yes it was the FONT. Adwords won’t allow embedded fonts, where it is not issue with DCM…

good going Google.

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Yeah no embedding fonts I’m afraid - you should export all text as transparent png files and have no live text fields for full validation.


That’s real advanced tech from Google there. :+1:

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You have to cater to the ads being delivered on multiple platforms & screen resolutions. Live text can run into all kinds of problems. Having the fonts embedded as an image keeps them visually perfect and ensures they look exactly as you want them to.

You can however use Google Web Fonts to use their live text library they have some great fonts - but any other custom fonts are best used as image files.

I’m speaking from a digital display ad developer of many years, its what we have found to work best.

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Thank you!!


I understand but using scripts for counters etcetera doesn’t make things much easier. I’ll start up the old Adobe Fireworks machine :joy: