Getting 50MB Hype Project run on iPad3

Hello Hypies!

To get my ca. 50MB Project running (smoothly) on the iPad 3 I tried different things, without success:

Putting exported Project on…

-Dropbox (blackscreen through generated Link)

-Pocket Drive (App) / TDownloader App

-Running it on Hype Reflect (works good, but no good Performance, option Precache On)

Is there a good approach someone could recommend me? Many thanks!


Is your goal to host this on the web? That’s too big.

This guide will help you get your size down: Decreasing load times and optimizing performance: Preparing a Large project in Hype.

By default, Hype will preload all images and only begin displaying your document after all images have been loaded. You can control this behavior on a per-image basis by disabling the Preload option that’s presented in your document’s Resource Library when an image is selected.

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Hi Daniel,

thanks for your answer. The project is for an exhibition and won’t be hosted on the web. So I tried to save it localy on the ipad (with pocket drive app, which is unfortunately just able to screen in the own webbroser, no way to open it with safari). The project size is based on few mp3s, jpgs, and hype animations.

Is it correct, that the performance on safari mobile through hype reflect is approximately the same as exported as html project and loaded into browser?

Regards, L

It's typically pretty close. You might want to check out one of these Kiosk systems: Displaying a Tumult Hype document in a Kiosk or as an app

I think Kiosk Pro can download an entire page and make it ready offline.

Did you try creating an app? A Hype project can be chucked into a WebView. For improved performance, you can use WKWebView. Also, there's "Guided Access", so that the app cannot be quit.

If i were you i would use ibook author with hype expoted widgets.

Keep us posted on what works best for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the hints!

regarding saving my relatively large project on ipad3: kiosk pro app in combination with iMazing App worked perfectly.

Unfortunately the performance problems still remain. (Sort of infoscreen with lot of small artist pics). Especially swiping and scrolling a bunch of pics at once, the ipad is struggling. Jpgs Pics are at average 30KB each. I thought first the hype filter effects is too much, but deactivating them didn’t help. Also starting animation stutters. (Everything super fine on macbook)

Thought maybe the Nexus Tablet will handle it?

Will try WKWebView, thanks to Photics. Only at first view I’m not expert enough for this approach. :smile:

If someone is curious here is the hype file with one scene out of the project. The middle part can be swiped left and right - the Song List up and down. Not finished yet.

Cheers, L

The filter effects, reflection, and opacity would be my biggest guesses at some of the performance issues. You may want to try doing more prerendering in an image editor and importing as is. If possible, you might be able to do larger images than lots of smaller ones to reduce the number of elements and complexity of your document as well, and then still use Hype for the interactivity.