From web app to native app

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new here, coming from Adobe Director and LiveCode. I switched to Tumult Hype a year ago.
I really like working with hype and recently I made a kiosk app running on the info screen of our institute. The app runs in Google Chrome browser, "hiding" it's browser-based origin.
I made some first tests creating a web app for my iphone, which currenty only consists of creating a web app for the browser and then save the page on my iphone home screen so that it "feels" like a local app.

So you can see that my experience in app development is still quite limited. I was unsuccessfully searching the internet and this forum for a guide to create a native app using Hype.
Does anyone know about a good step by step tutorial?

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If you search kiosk on the site you should see some stuff come up. I wrote an app a few years ago , Its probable a bit dated but the base idea for the coding should be ok. I think there is other stuff about on the site that gives some ways of going about it.

Although you are using Hype and you mention iPhone , you don't say what operating system you are targeting for the info screen ?. This would be needed to know for anyone to help you move forward.

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry I wasn’t precise enough with my question.
The kiosk app is running on a windows system but it’s a finished project.
Now I would like to create an app specifically for the iPhone.
I work on a MacBook Air with M2 chip.
I know that XCode should be the way but I have no experience using XCode.
So when I create an app using Hype I would be glad having a step by step tutorial about getting the app to the device.

Thank you,

Djon, thank you very much for your helpful reply! :blush:
I will try it out.

Kind regards

I am currently developing with Tauri… It's very good and powerful with its Rust background and easy setup. Especially the runtimes are tiny.