Freelancer Rate?

I just recently acquired a new client whose project I feel would be an excellent candidate for Hype. However, the skills needed for this project is beyond my scope, so I’m looking to hire a freelancer on this project.

Before I can commit, I need to submit a budget (of course), is there an expected hourly rate for Hype Freelancers? I cannot provide too much detail without an NDA, but overall it is a multiple-page web site that has video, graphics, and a few interactive elements (simulating entering an email address and showing a templated email, for example). Animation of elements would be minimal and I would expect the entire project would take about 40 - 60 hours.

Any thoughts? Don’t need a specific number, just a general range for budgeting costs.


I recommend just sharing your email address so folks can get in touch with you (and they can share their rate).

Also, please see this thread with a list of freelancers who might be available: Hiring Tumult Hype Freelancers

Oh come on… we’re not selling used cars here. Give real numbers.

Developers / Designers want to know that they’re going to get paid. Otherwise, why invest the time and money in learning the software?

…and employers, they want to know they’re going to get talent. They attract each other. That’s why I think Tumult shouldn’t shy away from suggesting a freelancer rate. Help stop the race to the bottom.

The general range depends on two major issues. One… the skill level you’re looking for. A beginner, or hungry college kid, might even be too shy to charge $25 per hour. Meanwhile, a pro level developer / designer could easily fetch $100 an hour. Obviously, it could be lower than $25 or higher than $100, but that’s a reasonable midpoint. (I know development shops that don’t even seem to get out of bed for projects less than $50,000. Naturally, I avoid sending jobs to those places. HA HA.)

The other issue is location. Someone working from London, San Francisco or NYC is likely to charge more than someone working from say Poland, India or China. I’ve seen how a language barrier can crush a project’s timeline. Are you looking to save money? Are you looking for someone local? Are you looking for the best Hype developer on the planet? Those questions influence your budget estimate.

Estimate is a good word, because “Easy” can quickly become surprisingly difficult. If you say 40-60 hours, I start wondering if it’s really 80-120… or more!

But as a quick estimate… rough numbers… let’s say $25-$100 per hour is the freelancer rate and 40-60 hours is an actual timeline. That means you’re looking at $1000–$6000.

For a whole website? That’s pretty cheap. I’m thinking a freelancer would need to double that cost because who’s taking care of the freelancer? NO ONE – that’s who! Freelancers have to worry about their own health insurance, operating costs, chasing down people that don’t pay. NDA suggests that you’re looking for a professional. Even at $12,000 that could still be pretty cheap.

But hey, picking Hype might save you some money. Because the freelance community is new / small, you might be able to find someone hungry enough to do it even for $500.

To those hungry developers… …that site says the average hourly rate for a Web Developer is $61-80. That’s pretty close to my estimates, which I wrote before reading that website. (Quick DuckDuckGo search… The midway point between $25 and $125 is $62.50.

So, let’s say a friend of mine asked me for advice on what to charge you for the project… I’d probably say $5000. You don’t want to bid too high so that you lose the job, but you don’t want to bid too low so that it’s not worth it. They’d have to be really good at Hype though. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone personally at that level.

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A software company establishing a rate for labor for those who create work on their software is the weirdest thing. As an employee of Tumult I’m more than happy to help connect people with one another, but we should not be setting rates (you are welcome to). Since Hype is a web development tool, I think the numbers you shared are in a good range, but I want to see the free market flourish in all its forms.

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Thanks. Didn’t mean to cause any controversy, but I’ve never hired a Hype developer and I wasn’t sure if the rate would be different from any other freelance programmer. And, yes, I am aware that the ranges depend upon skill/experience, for me it was just an understanding of the Hype community in broad terms. The estimate offered is very reasonable and within the ballpark that I was thinking. Once I have a more concrete proposal, I’ll post a serious call for a freelancer. But now I at least know that it is within my budget.


Free market capitalism… good argument… I like that. :us:

Ah, that’s good to know. Good luck with your project!


Also rates certainly depend on the market and the country of origin. Then it depends on the client. You would feel cheated if an agency keeps their client in the dark and it turned out after you signed a fixed price hourly rate that you are now working for Coca Cola. Not cool. Imagine making a logo… classic example as it could end up being used for potentially decades. There are nice videos on YouTube about setting prices and not selling one self under value. As it also depends on scarcity and the personal situation in life (mortgages, family and lifestyle etc.). These factors certainly introduce fluctuations in keeping pricing stable.

Having the luxury to dismiss a project and the calmness/security to select your clients and freelance work is the ideal spot to be in (for me at least).

Therefor I totally understand the stance not to discus pricing in the forum as it’s not an absolute.

Furthermore… NDA’s are a tricky thing, as they sometimes contain absurd non compete clauses. An NDA sounds cool and emits a certain appeal of exclusivity but beware what you sign! Specially if you freelance and suddenly you can’t “compete” with a whole branch of industry for a couple of years even though your building expertise in that particular field. See to it that this is removed or defined very narrowly.

PS: another statement. Hope it helps anyways… :slight_smile: