Font size with decimals

Hey there!

I often have a problem where I need to change font size much more accurate. But as I understand you can not use decimals. So if 10px is to small and 11px to large, why not being able to chose 10,5px?

Same goes for line height which is even a bigger issue.

To do this in Hype, you can give them a CSS class and use CSS in the 'head'.

So if you set a class for your element:

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 3.30.54 PM

You can then set its properties using regular CSS:

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 3.32.15 PM

The !important; option is important because Hype sets an inline font size and line height so this will override it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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There was also the letter spacing issue not allowing to animate with fractions. Last I checked that was also still a thing.