Better floating point support

Hi -
I’ve noticed that objects can have floating point values for position and size (which is what I expect)
However, the UI does not expose this. Often this is ok but it does create issues.

If an object ends up at, say, x = 10.5, the UI will say it is at 10.
This becomes a problem when I’m trying to align it to something else that is right on 10.
I can use the spinner to move it, I can type “10” into the field and it will remain at x = 10.5.

So far, I found that I have to type in “10.0” in order to get rid of that 0.5 offset.

An obvious fix would be to have a text entry of 10 imply 10.0.
But really, I’d like to see the UI show and support floating points to a tenth. Or, maybe an option in the preferences to set the number of floating point digits (from 0 to 2 or even 3)

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Thanks for the request! I like the idea of a preference on digits.