Flexible layout -tool needs attention

have had serious inconvenience with this area which i have colored red. First i thought its my mouse (Razer gaming mouse) but changing mouse didn’t help.

To end this point, where in preview box blue rectangle spreads over whole screen, i had to click this window 51 times. No good.

So, i thought not just complain, but describe a suggestion, too. These are just thoughts without knowing challenges, so just to discuss:

In my suggestion hitting areas are simpler and bigger. Also current lay out doesn’t use all available space on right side of the panel.

In my illustration in the centre is button, which spreads element over whole scene and back. Hotspots are bit wider than image itself.

I have been thinking this for some time and my opinion about how to control all possible settings is now very good. The only thing which needs effort is user interface. I cant belive I’m alone wiht these thoughts.

I’m a heavy user of Hype, its incredible and amazing innovation and really love Your work. So you are free to use or do what ever you want. I just hope this tool gets even better every day.