Lang attribute and flexible layout -window

Thanks a lot! New features fullfill many of my wishes. Impressive work again.

My question:
I can't set lang attribute. Is there a very good reason why?

Identifying the language of your content allows you to automatically do a number of things, from changing the look and behavior of a page, to extracting information, to changing the way that an application works. Hyphenation rules are very language dependent. Translation tools can use the language attributes to recognize pages. Language information assists speech synthesizers. Language tagging is recommended by the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines and so on.

You can just simply put "lang" to published work wiht html-editor. Jquery hyphenation still won't work because lang needs to be set before a javascript like GitHub - mnater/Hyphenator: Javascript that implements client-side hyphenation of HTML-Documents is possible to install.

I also keep nagging about flexible layout -window.

No; you are simply the first to ask for it! I've added it to our feature tracker.

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Brilliant! Can’t wait :smiley: