Exporting to video including the sound

Hi there,

I’ve been using Hype for a few years now, doing basic animations that we sell to our customers and that are hosted on our web servers. So far it has done what we want to achieve. But in the last year or so our customers are asking for video files they can embed themselves in their website or in social media (ex Facebook).

The issue we had is that we can’t export our animations as mp4 with sound embedded.

It is a major showstopper for us since the demand for video is growing and we do not want to have to do that with Adobe Premiere to add sound to the video. Adobe Captivate is an option, but if Hype could do it, we will stick with Hype. Wondering now if we update Hype or not. I’m not sure if the solution in an article to export and edit with sound flower would work well for us.

Any idea is this feature (video export with sound) will be included in an upcoming Hype release?



I meant Adobe Animate as an option we are checking. (not Adobe Captivate)

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I'm, sorry but this is not an issue and you can fix it easely with an external audio recorder.
I used this trick several time and It take only few minutes.
obviously we hope that in the future we can do it in less time. :slight_smile:

What I normally do is, I export the video and then use something like Motion, iMovie, FinalCut to add the sound manually. Hype was never meant for audio although for video export it could’ve been a good idea to include it in.


Hi guys, Thanks for the input,

I agree this in not an issue of the software itself because it is not meant to manage audio. Then why do we have the option to embed audio and generate an html animation and not to have it also embedded in the video we export.

I know from being a Hype user for 4 years that we can use other programs to edit the video after it is exported. For us what we call a problem (maybe not an issue) is that we produce a few hundreds animations each holiday season, so if we have to edit each one with adding the sound separately it becomes a production problem. We have to charge the customer for all those extra steps that we need to repeat a few hundred times.

I hope that feature could be on the “nice to have list” in upcoming releases for Hype.


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This is definitely something we want to do, there are a few technical challenges to getting this working perfectly. Thanks for your patience!


Hi Daniel,

I understand and agree that this feature needs development time efforts, indeed it has technical challenges. I’m sure the demand for video export (with audio tracks included) will increase in the future (due to social media). For us we’ve seen it grow in numbers in the last 12-18 months.

It still is a great product that we like to use! :wink: