Exporting Scenes to PDF

I want to export my scenes to PDF.
To do this I previewed each scene individually and exported to PDF but with some scene contents moving over the bottom edge of the page.
I am not sure if this is the right approach to do this.
What size should my scene be to fit on a standard A4 PDF page?

Looks like if you want 300 DPI, it would require a scene size of: 2480 x 3508. So set your scene size to that, and then set the ‘scale’ of your PDF during printing to be 100%.

You might want to try saving as PDF in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and see which one gives you better results. They all have unique differences during printing / PDF generation.

Thank you Daniel
Will try this now
Much appreciated

How do you save the scene to PDF? From the preview?
Thank you!

In Hype, Preview in a browser, then in that browser, select File > Print > Save as PDF. I find that Chrome does a better job printing than other browsers, with Safari as a close second. (But I don’t do a lot of printing)

In Chrome, you’ll want to check ‘Background graphics’ to show images.

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Thank you!

It would be wonderful if export to PDF (and SVG) was a built in feature of Hype.

I’ve been using Hype as a replacement for PowerPoint/Keynote [Howto: Navigate Scenes with Arrow Keys (Similar to a Powerpoint or Keynote Presentation)] & the results are way more impressive.

But I just spent 1¾ hours compiling a 32 page PDF, when all I’d need to do in PowerPoint/Keynote is hit cmd-P.

This cool project by Max will let you show multiple scenes on one page: Hype ScenePage (all scenes on one page)

Printing that might look a bit better? But probably not for that many pages…

Just realized I remember a CSS class for printing:

break-before: always will split up these scenes to their own page. So Max’s script can be modified with that after each scene.

.HYPE_scene { break-before: always; }