Hype ScenePage (all scenes on one page)

Overview (so far):
Have you ever wanted to turn your scenes into one long page? This little extension does just that. It currently duplicates your document for each scene.

Hence to communicate across documents and to offer some more capabilities is the next step. This can be done with Hype GlobalBehavior already, but some included helper functions will make it even easier as we know about all the involved scenes (hypeDocuments). Also there is currently a slight delay as the followup scenes are generated after the first scene is initialized. This can be fixed in production sites and if there is demand I’ll probably make a tutorial on it. There will also be a keyword for scenes that shouldn’t be rendered this way (helper, modals etc.).

Preview it here (refresh browser after version bump):

Download it here:

0.9 (Beta) Initial release under MIT-license
1.0 (Beta) Code cleanup, added wrapper and helper functions (sticky etc.).

Hope you like it.


Very nice.

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Wow, creating multiple documents for each is a very smart approach!


↑ look at project
1.0 (Beta) Code cleanup, added wrapper and helper functions (sticky etc.).