Exporting for Android: Intel XDK


I am looking at exporting my Hype file into an book that can be viewed on an Andriod, has anyone completed this ?

Thanks in advance

XDK by intel, easy to use.

BTW: the best setting for android is

https://software.intel.com/en-us/ + tutorial

Intel® XDK is an excellent alternative, easy and integrates nicely

Many thanks for replying, have either of you ever ported an Hype document and was it ‘easy’ similar to an iBook?

XDK is a simple box where you can put your project ( with index.html)

You have to create a blank XDK project.
Move your exported Hype project ( named with index.html ) in the folder “WWW” WITHOUT the index.html file

Add the HTML content of your project in the HTML file created by XDK

set the preferences for Android hibrid and add some extra plugins in the pluging list

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Many thanks Michelangelo for replying,

I will try your instructions.


Thanks michelangelo for your support.

Woow i was looking for this one. Thank you so much @michelangelo