Export script for Deltaprojects

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Export script for Deltaprojects
Spec HTML5 Ad Specification · Delta Docs

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Yes, I am adding code after having exported.

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Thanks for the request. I can probably whip up something pretty quick for you to try.

Do you have a sample ad that has your manual adjustments? I'd like to at least see one that I know can pass muster.

Also do you use multiple clicktags, or is one sufficient?


Here is a simple template I got from a friend. Does this help? :):slight_smile:

I am to use only one clicktag.

320x400.zip (43.9 KB)

Here is another example

Thanks! I don't have a good way to test or verify at this time, but if you want you can give this a spin:

  1. Download the DeltaProjects.hype-export.py export script.
  2. In Hype's Preferences, choose the Exporting tab and click "Show Export Scripts Folder in Finder"
  3. Open up this folder (likely called "com.tumult.Hype4") and drag in the DeltaProjects.hype-export.py file.
  4. Open the /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app and type in this command:
    chmod 755 ~/Library/Application\ Scripts/com.tumult.Hype4/DeltaProjects.hype-export.py
  5. In Hype, the Document Inspector should now have a field for the click tag, the actions should have a new Exit action, and you can export via File > Export as HTML5 > DeltaProjects….

Let me know how that goes!

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Thank you!

I was told there was a problem with the preamble-script.

After updating to this it seems to works perfectly:

  <script type="text/javascript">
  try{ $$preamble$$ }catch(e){}
  if (typeof(window.HTML5) == "undefined") {
    var p = "https:" == document.location.protocol ? "https:" : "http:";
    document.write("<scr"+"ipt src=\""+p+"//sting.de17a.com/html5.js\"></scr"+"ipt>");
  } else { window.HTML5.boot(window, window.Sting); }

Gotchya - I see the problem was in how the preamble got exported. I've updated so it should be correct now. Can you redo the steps 1-5 with the updated export script from above and try again?


Perfect! Thank you very much! :smiley:

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