DSP Weborama Export Script

Good afternoon, Jonathan. Do you happen to have a similar export script for DSP Weborama? Very often we encounter problems when creating Hype ads for this platform.

Nope, but I can probably put one together if you can provide some or all of:

  • a solid link to documentation for their HTML5 ads
  • one or more samples of ads that will pass their validation
  • a possible way I can validate (or DM me contact info for a test account)
  • any info you have on the problems you were seeing with your previous attempts

The default IAB sets of Weborama are very alike to the DCM export, so by exporting to DCM and making minor adjustments to the index (or the DCM export script) it should be straight forward.

However, the problem with Weborama is that the majority of their (rich media) templates are unique to its format. So I guess it will be hard to make export scripts for all of them.

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