Export and Import

When I Export A Symbol then Import the saved Symbol into a new Hype project, everything goes well except the 'Unique Element ID’s are not included in the new doc. Also, any javascript’s attached to the Scene Inspector need to be re-attached.

This is not a major issue, but it would be great if the Unique Element ID’s were import with the Symbol.
Rulers.hypesymbol.zip (11.6 KB)

Thanks for report. I was able to reproduce the unique element ID issue.

Symbol Inspector and element level actions seem to preserve the javascript correctly. Could you clarify what you mean by javascript attached to the Scene Inspector?

I probably won’t have time to fix this for 3.0, but I will try to get to it in an update soon after.

Yes, I had the javascript's set to "On Scene Load" in the doc I exported from. When I do an Import, the javascript's are not set in the Scene Inspector of the new doc.

Scene Inspector. pic of the original doc...

Then the Scene Inspector from the new doc...

Even though it doesn’t add the Element ID’s, it is a very cool feature and works surprising well. I like Symbols :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the clarification. It is expected that anything outside of the symbol (in the Scene Inspector) won’t be included in a symbol export. If instead you added those actions ‘On Symbol Load’ in the Symbol Inspector it should transfer. If you want scene level actions you should be able to copy/paste the scene between documents.

Glad to hear Symbols are working well for you!

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Thanks Stephen, that works. YAY!