Exported Symbols do not include element ids or include all functions


If I copy and paste a Symbol to another Document or export /Import a symbol to another Document.
The copy does not include any of the ids of any elements.

They also only include hype functions that are called by a on mouse click action set in the action Panel.

This means that I have to give all my Elements a class name and use that in any functions that do follow the symbol on export.

To get around functions that are set for example as a on mouse over. I have to add a text element of scene and set an on mouse click action for it.

Doing this ensures that the function will follow the exported symbol.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug

It seem like we should retain the IDs set in imported symbols unless there is a collision with a pre-existing ID in the document you imported the symbol -- I'll make a note of this in our bug tracker for @stephen.

The documents I was copying into was a new blank ones.


I reported this a while back, so Stephen is aware of the issue with id's not getting included.

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Greg i ( @gasspence ) n the mean time for the functions,

You can add a text element ( in side the symbol group) for each function that does not use a Mouse Click Action.
Set a Mouse Click Action on the the text elements that will run one of the functions.

Then move the Text element off Scene.

You are never going to mouse click the the text element but this will ensure that when you export the Symbol the functions will follow.

Stephen pointed out that since my functions were set in the “Scene Inspector” that was the expected behavior. When I set the functions in the “Symbol Inspector”, as Stephen advised, the functions stayed with the exported symbol. The only thing that does not stick are the Unique Id’s when you export as a symbol.

Ah I see.

I will check that out. Thanks

The Symbol icon should be showing...

You can add functions to the Action Inspector too.

I think I ran into the problem because I only converted the element group into a symbol later on. So all the Functions that where on scene load should have been on Symbol load once I converted to symbol. Although I did this anyway I still thought it was because of the type of action. Thanks for setting me straight on that little puzzle. :smile:

I learned the same way! It’s a great feature in Hype, and if they can get the id’s included on export/import it will be awesome

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A quick tip: I’ve gotten into the habit of using the “Display Name” field in the Identity Inspector. In the case of exporting/importing a Symbol it will retain the Display Name. I have been using that field as a placeholder (so to speak) then I copy/paste it into the Unique Element Id field.