Event Based Animation


Hi guys,
i’m new to the hype community
and i’m building a webpage for a competition.

they want to have a number lock displayed on the top,
and some multiple choice questions below.

for each of the 5 questions you have approx. 5 answers that
you can choose from. the number of the chosen answer
will then be displayed in the number lock.

what i want is, that the lock opens only if a certain answer/code is given.
can you may help me realize this?

attached you’ll find a quick and dirty demo of how it is meant to be.
the answer that you can type in is 12345.

if the answer is wrong, the user should get a “wrong input” display.

if it is right, the lock should open (start a certain timeline in hype with the lock open animation).

thanks in advance!

cheers, denis



There are a few threads on password use for scene events. Check out this template: Scene locked with Combination Padlock

Here’s another method of password entry: Making a solid circle blink & Password controlled form