Embedded url inconsistency

Hey gang! Any insight on why some sites can be Embedded into a HTML doc with a HTML Element, and others can’t?

Here’s a snap of misbehaving apple.com and well-behaved tumult.com (perhaps a metaphor, you decide), in two separate HTML Elements. Literally, the only difference between the two is one says https://apple.com and the other says https://tumult.com.

And here’s the super-simple .hype:

embed_url.hype.zip (19.7 KB)

On the super-plus side, while scanning the forum for similar issues, I found Daniel’s cool in-line link function…

…to use somewhere else, so that’s a bonus. :slight_smile:

Thanks as always!


It’s because of cross domain policy. Apple has it set to “sameorigin” so you won’t be able to get anything from Apple’s website displayed unless you’re serving the HTML widget (iframe) on the same server as Apple.


Suspected it was something irksome like that. Thanks DBear! And, er, thanks Apple :wink: